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You can purchase any of the items below through their respective outlets. For more ways to support my work, visit the Support page.


Ostinato is an experimental art/music/sound app. To compose a song, draw a path among musical nodes in a 3D network or explore a broad range of automatic generation tools.


Volotic is an experimental non-linear sequencer for the iPad. To compose a song, populate the grid from a library of towers to create, modify and route beat projectiles into melodic and percussive instruments.

Making Things Beautiful / Making Beautiful Things

Making Things Beautiful / Making Beautiful Things is an interactive book that investigates the difficulties and delights associated with the human drive to create. It is available for Apple iBooks on a Mac or iPad.

Letters to Myself

Letters to Myself is a short book written by me and illustrated by Maré Odomo. It is now available Gumroad as a PDF.

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Singing Star

Send singing stars flying through the galaxy to create a beautiful display of music and light in my first iOS game.

AE Suicide: AE Crash Recovery

This little script/app will try to force After Effects to auto-save when it locks up. It's available from for a suggested price of $10.

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Words and Pictures

Select prints from the Words and Pictures series can be purchased from INPRNT.

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